Best Magic Kingdom snacks: Top 13 snacks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

My two littlest kids are grazers. In fact, they don’t eat big at mealtime but they like to snack throughout the day.

In the real world, that’s mostly fine. But school days tend to be something of an ordeal for my youngest and most dramatic child. Deprived of her preferred sustenance system, she tends to peck at the school lunch and arrive home exhausted and famished as if she’d spent the day crossing the Sahara.

So, when we go to Walt Disney World Resort, we keep a fairly weathered eye for the nearest refreshment stand.

Knowing when to pull the trigger on a Mickey Pretzel or a round of corn dog nuggets can be the difference between a fun, easy-going theme park day and a DEFCON-1 level meltdown while waiting for Cosmic Rays to finish that dang mobile order.

Of course, the elder Gullions are not immune to the charms of a Disney snack. There’s never a bad time for a Dole Whip or a Cheshire Cat Tail or a Casey’s hot dog.

Fair warning, I am sorely tempted, dear reader, to get dragged into deep brain analysis of what in the park constitutes a snack and what is more substantial. Is a hot dog a snack? Is it a meal? What about the turkey leg?

If I manage to overcome the distance obstacles in obtaining a Cheshire Cat Tail and a Dole Whip at the same time will I ascend to a higher plane of culinary existence or will I just need an insulin shot?

Philosophically deep thoughts about the very nature of snacks abound as if I’m the Epcot Paris version of French philosopher Rene Descartes – I eat therefore they am.

And so, without going off on any other massive tangents, let’s rank the best Magic Kingdom snacks, shall we?

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that the snack prices listed are at the time of this writing. Current prices can now be conveniently found on the Disney mobile app.

13. Corn dog nuggets

I should really rank this #1000.

Corn dog nuggets are a utilitarian Disney food item if ever there was one.

I’m not opposed to a good corndog in this world. In fact, I love carnival-type food of all time. Put these things together on a stick and you might have something.

But corn dog nuggets are on Casey’s menu for $10.29 to appease the kids. Tell me I’m wrong.

12. Funnel cake

Available at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square, the funnel cake is one of a series of Disney snacks that are delicious, but widely available outside the park.

You know what you’re gonna get with a funnel cake. You can’t go wrong. It’s a delicious snack.

A mickey shaped cinnamon roll
A Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll from Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom (photo by Morgan Overholt/

11. Warm giant cinnamon roll

This is a list of best snacks so putting the warm cinnamon roll here isn’t an insult. But it’s not overly original.

Of course, cinnamon rolls are freaking delicious. We ALL know it. You order a cinnamon roll and you’re not walking away disappointed.

But we’re ranking the cinnamon roll here because it doesn’t just scream Magic Kingdom. They’re here. And they’re there. In fact, they’re everywhere. But if you’re looking for more a specific location, they’re also at Main Street Bakery.

a mickey shaped pretzel
A Mickey-shaped pretzel from The Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom (photo by Morgan Overholt/

10. Mickey pretzel

Again, no knock, but other than being shaped like Mickey Mouse what have we got here? A hot pretzel. Not bad.

Besides, who says no to a hot pretzel and some cheese sauce?

It’s a fantastic snack almost anywhere else in the world. At Disney? It’s a good, not great snack.

A hot pretzel with cheese sauce will cost you $7.19 at the Liberty Square Market.

Churros from the lunching pad
Churros from The Lunching Pad in The Magic Kingdom (photo by Morgan Overholt/

9. Churros

Great snack. Delicious and, I suppose, for some people from some parts of the world, exotic.

But again these are tasty, good and unremarkable from any other churro you’ve had in your life. 

They are available at the Cool Ship and The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland for $6.39 with a chocolate dipper.

And if you really want to put the old ticker to the test, you can pair it with a Monster Energy Drink for $5.29.

8. Mermaid slushy

It’s hot in Florida. Dang hot. In other words, you will need something cool on a hot day.

How about frozen blue raspberry and frozen green apple slushies mixed and topped with whipped cream and a Mermaid Tail? Available for $5.99 at Prince Eric’s Market in new Fantasyland.

7. Ham, provolone and Swiss sandwich

When I was a kid, we went on a school trip to Europe. The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England.

I knew little to nothing about Belgium and, consequently, didn’t have a lot on my must-do list.

We were left with a little more downtime to explore and we found a little café we liked a lot. And they served Croque Monsieurs, an open-faced toasted ham and cheese sandwich. It was the only thing I ate in Belgium. I loved them.

The ham, provolone and Swiss sandwich at Gaston’s isn’t exactly that, but it’s close enough to bring back happy memories. Perfect for a $10.99 snack.

6. Casey’s Corner vegan dog

Casey’s Corner is one of our dining musts whenever we’re in the Magic Kingdom.

It’s a tradition I’d love to share with my son John Paul but with his multiple food allergies, it’s a bit difficult. He’s a big hot dog guy, but all of Casey’s regular offerings have beef, which is a strict no-go for JP.

So on our most recent trip, we tried Disney’s plant-based dog. John Paul hasn’t really embraced plant-based meat though he’s a big fan of plant-based cheese. Regardless, we talked him into the vegan dog and he was lukewarm on it. I tried it as well. It’s not as good as a real hot dog of course but I was pleasantly surprised.

Not my first choice for a Disney snack, but if you have dietary limitations, you could do a lot worse for $9.49.

5. Cheeseburger spring rolls

Maybe a victim of the hype. I’d heard many sing the praises of the hamburger spring rolls in Disney’s Magic Kingdom for a long time before I got to try one from the Spring Roll Cart in front of Adventureland.

At any rate, they were good. I’d have them again. But given a choice between a cheeseburger spring roll and one of Casey’s best? I’m going hot dog all day. The spring rolls are 2 for $9.50.

There are multiple places to score a turkey leg inside Magic Kingdom (photo by Morgan Overholt/

4. Turkey leg

An untenable snack item that is oddly irresistible.

It’s a giant turkey leg soaked in so much salt that many people think it reminds them of pork. All the charm of a Renaissance Faire meat pit and completely impractical for the Florida heat. No wonder it’s a fan favorite.

Available at Gaston’s for $14.49 with chips – because you’re gonna want more salt. They are also available at Prince Eric’s Market and Liberty Square Market.

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3. Fresh fruit nutella waffle sandwich

The wife and I discovered the wonders of Nutella – a hazelnut chocolate spread – years ago among the creperies of Paris. A nice warm crepe filled with that hazelnut and chocolate and lightly sprinkled with sugar? Amazing.

At Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square, Disney has kicked it up a notch. Crepe? Nope. You’re getting a whole dang waffle. Nutella and some sugar? Yes. But we’re tossing on berries and bananas, too.

Good luck eating the thing, which is like an overstuffed waffle taco but it’s delicious for only $8.29.

Cheshire Cat Tails are available at the Cheshire Café (photo by Morgan Overholt/

2. Cheshire Cat Tail

A warm, extra-long chocolate-filled Danish covered in icing is now available at the recently reopened Cheshire Café. 

And this perfect sugar bomb to give you a little kick in the pants to start the day – or perhaps – to completely submarine you and force you to go sit down awhile and rest. There’s no in-between. Available at the Cheshire Cafe, you can get the popular snack for $5.79

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Dole Whips are a Disney fan-favorite (photo by Morgan Overholt/

1. Dole Whip

Available at two locations in Adventureland, the Dole Whip is a classic Magic Kingdom Park sweet treat that lives up to the hype.

The popular frozen treat blended with pineapple, vanilla or swirled flavors is a cool treat that’s absolutely perfect for the Florida heat. You can also get a Dole Whip float at the Sunshine Tree Terrace. And you can’t go wrong with the Pineapple Float for $6.99 at Aloha Isle.

They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and are the Gullion family’s favorite things in the park.

What is your favorite snack in the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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