11 Best Rides at EPCOT, Ranked [2023]

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While EPCOT is best known for the World Showcase and its festivals, it also has some pretty cool rides. Certainly, there are some that you will not want to miss.

That said, it is nearly impossible to do everything you’d like in one day. And also, the ages and interests of your party will play a role in the goals and priorities for your trip.


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What are the best rides at EPCOT?

Let’s break down the best rides and attractions at EPCOT with a ranked list.

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EPCOT's Journey Into Imagination
Journey Into Imagination is a guest favorite at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

11. Journey Into Imagination with Figment

This iconic dark ride is located near the back of the World Nature neighborhood beside the Pixar Short Film Festival theater.

An imaginary purple and orange dragon named Figment will take you into a laboratory to explore the five senses.

Gran Fiesta Boat Tour Sign EPCOT
Gran Fiesta is a good place to escape the heat in warm weather (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

10. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Located inside the Mexico Pavilion of the World Showcase, this slow-moving boat ride is one of the most underrated EPCOT rides.

The ride is based on the 1944 movie and stars Donald Duck and his three feathered amigos.

The ride isn’t super popular, so there’s rarely much of a wait time. And also, it’s the perfect spot to escape the heat for a few minutes and relax.

Crowds Wait to Ride Living With the Land Boat at EPCOT
Guests stand in line to ride the Living With the Land boat ride at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

9. Living With the Land

Inside the Land Pavilion in the World Nature neighborhood, you’ll find another slow-moving boat ride.

This one takes you on an informative tour through greenhouses and aquaculture tanks where much of the produce and fish served in EPCOT’s restaurants are raised. 

spaceship earth line entrance
The EPCOT ball’s name is actually Spaceship Earth (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

8. Spaceship Earth

Do you know that giant geodesic sphere that looks like an enormous golf ball near the park entrance of EPCOT?

There’s actually a ride in there called Spaceship Earth. The ride tells the story of humanity from the time of the cavemen to the introduction of computers and modern-day technology.

Spaceship Earth is located in the World Celebration neighborhood near the main park entrance. 

The seas with nemo and friends
Kids usually love The Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

7. The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This classic dark ride is great for little kids and fans of the hit Pixar movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”.

Part of the ride takes guests through the enormous aquarium. Once you exit, be sure to budget time exploring the viewing areas.

There’s also an interactive comedy show called Turtle Talk with Crush housed in the same building. 

Frozen Ever After at EPCOT
Frozen Ever After has been very popular since its 2016 opening (photo by James Overholt.HeyOrlando.com)

6. Frozen Ever After

You’ll find the entrance to this ride in the Norway Pavilion of the World Showcase.

It’s been one of the most popular rides since it opened in 2016. You’ll see audio-animatronic versions of beloved characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven on this musical boat ride. 

Ratatouille Cars EPCOT
Guests are surrounded by larger-than-life items as they experience life as the size of a rat on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (media photo courtesy of Disney/Matt Stroshane)

5. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

This newer ride opened with the expansion of the France Pavilion in 2021. It’s similar to the original version which opened in Disneyland Paris back in 2014.

There’s no height requirement, so the ride is family-friendly.

The trackless ride vehicle takes guests through the pantry, kitchen and dining room of a Parisian restaurant from the perspective of a rat. 

Ride entrance for Soarin Around the World
Soarin’ takes guests on a world aerial tour (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

4. Soarin’ Around the World

Located on the lower level of the Land Pavilion in the World Nature neighborhood, Soarin’ Around the World takes riders on an aerial world tour.

There’s a 40-inch height requirement. The movement is relatively gentle.

It’s a cool way to see several wonders of our awesome planet, including the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the Matterhorn on the border of Switzerland and Italy, Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Sydney Opera House. 

Mission Space Interior EPCOT
Mission: Space simulates trips around the Earth or to Mars (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

3. Mission: Space

Also located in World Discovery, this ride is easily the most intense attraction at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

However, you can choose between the Green Mission (which is less intense) and the Orange Mission (which is more intense). 

The ride simulates trips around the Earth or to Mars. Riders are grouped into crews of four as either a pilot, engineer, navigator or commander. Those who experience motion sickness should skip this one. 

Test Track Entrance EPCOT
Test Track is currently the fastest ride at any Disney theme park (photo by James Overholt/heyOrlando.com)

2. Test Track

I’m a mom of five boys married to an engineer, so Test Track is permanently on the must-ride list for my family.

Located in the World Discovery neighborhood, this attraction is sponsored by Chevrolet. In fact, guests exiting the ride will pass through a showroom displaying Chevy’s newest cars. 

My toddlers could spend hours exploring the cars while we use the rider switch program at this attraction.

Guests are invited to design their own cars and then put their designs to the test. The ride takes you through a series of challenges measuring power, capability, responsiveness and efficiency.

Additionally, with a top speed of 64.9 mph, Test Track is the fastest ride at any Disney theme park. 

ride queue of guardians of the galaxy at epcot
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is considered one of the best, if not the best, ride at EPCOT. Above: A view from the line queue (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

EPCOT’s newest ride opened in 2022 in the World Discovery neighborhood.

It’s Disney’s first reverse-launch coaster and it’s billed as a family thrill coaster. While it could be considered intense, it’s probably okay for more adventurous kids that meet the height requirement (42 inches).

Note that you’ll have to join the virtual queue using the My Disney Experience app to experience this indoor roller coaster. 

Remember that the Disney Genie system designates one ride at Disney park that is set up for purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane to bypass the standby line.

Cosmic Rewind is that ride at EPCOT, which makes it the best EPCOT ride, at least according to Disney. 

Are there any intense rides at EPCOT?

EPCOT has several intense thrill rides! This park is best known for its World Showcase featuring countries from Canada to Morocco.

So while it doesn’t have as many rides as the Magic Kingdom, it does have several high-thrill attractions and rides. Two of the most notable are likely Mission: Space and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

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Entering the Canada Pavilion EPCOT
Don’t miss the World Showcase portion of the EPCOT park (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

What should you not miss at EPCOT?

Guests visiting EPCOT should not miss the World Showcase. It’s my favorite place in all of Walt Disney World because there is always something new to see, experience or taste.

The World Showcase comprises eleven different pavilions celebrating the culture and cuisine of countries around the world. 

In addition to restaurants, gardens and shops, several of the pavilions have entertainment as well.

The American Adventure is a show in the Colonial Theater that tells the story of our nation’s proud history. The Canada and China pavilions both have circle-vision theaters that continually show 360-degree films highlighting their geography and culture.

What is your favorite ride at EPCOT? Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments! 

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