Is EPCOT Worth It? Is It Best for Adults or Kids?

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We recently had some family friends go to Orlando and they only hit EPCOT and the Animal Kingdom. They are chaos merchants, and I do not understand them at all. 

But if I only had a single day at Disney and I had to spend that day at EPCOT, the question would be – is it worth it? 

The answer, dear reader, is that yes, of course, it is. Still, I don’t know why you would choose to just go to EPCOT.

Plus, ticket prices are generally better if you can plan a multi-day trip.

But if that’s the deal, it would certainly be worth it. 


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What is so great about EPCOT?

If someone asks me this question, it makes me a bit angry. I think it’s the implied indignity in the phrasing. 

Anytime anyone asks what’s so great about something, they’re starting from a place of skepticism.

Millions of people go to EPCOT every year. They spend God-knows how much of their hard-earned money to see a giant golf ball and drink beers from around the world like me and my college roommates used to do when we went to the Fresh Market. 

“This one is from Belgium. It’s flavored with strawberries and was aged in an oaken barrel for a decade.” 

“It’s $7 a bottle.”

“Just get one. We’ll pour into the good glass and share.” 

So what’s so great about it? EPCOT has a different vibe than any other Walt Disney World theme park.

It offers the World Showcase where the food, customs and culture of several parts of the world are celebrated, albeit Disney-style.

the epcot pavilion at epcot
EPCOT is a fun way to see different parts of the world, or at least Disney’s version of it (photo by James Overholt/

Do you need a full day at EPCOT?

A full day is recommended. That walk around the World Showcase lagoon takes a while. It’s more than a leisurely stroll. 

It used to be that EPCOT’s attractions were kind of an afterthought.

But with Frozen Ever After, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, there’s a lot more to do in EPCOT than just drink your way around the world and enjoy the varied dining options at the four annual festivals. 

Can EPCOT be done in half a day?

If half a day is all you have, it’s better than not going at all. However, you won’t be able to experience everything at EPCOT in only half a day.

You may have to opt for an Individual Lightning Lane if you want to ride the best ride in the park and maximize your time.

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Frozen Ever After
The little ones may not want to miss Frozen Ever After at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/

How many days do you need at EPCOT?

In most cases, one day is enough. That said, maybe keep a park hopper in your back pocket in case you miss any of the must-dos at EPCOT.

For instance? We have a “Frozen” crazy 7-year-old. On our last trip, Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion went down with her mere steps from the entrance. 

It was down for most of the day. By the time it reopened, we were near the front of the park and ready to leave. 

Our only saving grace was running into Anna and Elsa and getting our picture made. 

If I had to do it again, I’d have a park hopper for the last day. With that, I could split it between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

oreo cookies n cream funnel cake at epcot
Part of the experience of EPCOT is sampling the food and drinks. Pictured: a cookies n’ cream funnel cake (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Is EPCOT for adults or kids?

Both. Did you not just read that there’s a Frozen Ever After ride? While adults are welcome, that ride is clearly “for” kids.

It used to be that you could say EPCOT was the least kid-friendly of the Disney parks. I mean, they ain’t got a wine festival at the Magic Kingdom, do they?

And while I’m not sure that’s changed, the gap has closed significantly. 

Look, it used to be that the World Showcase was almost entirely for adults.

Sure, there were some shows and entertainment that kids might like. However, they had more to endure in the World Showcase than enjoy. 

For years the only thing sustaining kids as they trekked from Canada to Mexico was character meet and greets. Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany, Belle in France and … no one in Italy. Maybe we’ll get Luca there soon. 

Now, with Frozen Ever After in Norway and Remy’s in France, the balance is a little better.

Also, let’s give a special shoutout here to the mesmerizing mini-trains in Germany. Both my son and I could watch those things all day. 

The non-world showcase parts of EPCOT – also known as the parts that aren’t as good as the World Showcase – have several attractions that were built with adults in mind.

Spaceship Earth with its disturbingly angled ride track and strange dioramas is not a kids’ ride. And neither is Mission: SPACE or the Test Track. In fact, Soarin’ isn’t really either but most kids who are tall enough seem to appreciate it. 

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is one of EPCOT’s attractions that is great for guests big and small. And the little ones love Turtle Talk with Crush. 

Additionally, more is coming soon. The walk-through attraction based on the film “Moana” – the Journey of Water – will feature a series of fountains and more that will be entertaining and educational. 

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The Three Caballeros Posters at Gran Fiesta EPCOT
The Gran Fiesta Tour could use an update with a new theme (photo by James Overholt/

Are there any other plans to add attractions in the future? 

Well, there’s more work to be done in World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery but I prefer to operate in World Speculation right now. 

I’ve said for years Disney needs to revamp the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion with “Coco” themes. It makes too much sense as the Three Caballeros resurgence isn’t going to take off as Disney hoped.

I vote they reconfigure the ride so I can follow Miguel on his journey to the land of the deceased. They could end with him and his great-grandmother Coco singing “Remember Me”.

I’ll give you all my money right now. Just make sure there are enough tissues on the ride vehicle.

I suspect the only hold-up is Disney is trying to decide if it wants to go bigger with “Coco” than just the one ride in the pavilion.

Also, Disney and Pixar had a pretty big hit with “Turning Red”, a movie about a girl who can turn into a giant Red Panda. The movie was set in Toronto.

No offense, but I think the Canada pavilion is a tad dry. Maybe a Red Panda attraction – or a show featuring the boy band from the film would make the Canada pavilion a must-see part of more people’s Disney vacation.

Ride Queue at Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is considered one of the best, if not the best, ride at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/

Is it worth it to just go to EPCOT? 

Yes. It was worth it before the recent upgrades.

However, with one of the most popular rides in Orlando – Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – EPCOT certainly has enough to offer to make it worth your time and money. 

You get to see the world, or at least Disney’s version of it. Guests can try new tastes and sights and smells and sounds that are exotic but also cushioned for mass consumption. 

It’s fun, entertaining and also educational. Of course, it’s worth it.

As you plan your Disney vacation, take a look at Tripster to compare prices on multi-day tickets.

Do you think EPCOT is worth it? Let us know in the comments.

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