LEGOLAND Family Shirts: What Kind of Matching Shirts Can Groups Wear?

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Spend a few minutes in any Orlando theme park and you’ll spot families with matching T-shirts.

Often the shirts are specific to that year and destination. They might all feature an image of the Cinderella Castle and text that says something like “Disney 2022”.

In fact, I often see enormous groups crowding for a photo on Main Street, USA. Some shirts showcase your family’s favorite ride or character. Specifically, a popular variation has text reading: “The Mountains are Calling” with images of Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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Legoland t shirts in the gift shop
Logo T-shirts can be purchased in the gift shop at LEGOLAND Florida (photo by Kirby Russell/

Do people wear matching shirts at LEGOLAND?

Matching T-shirts are very popular in LEGOLAND. They are a great way to build anticipation during the planning process of a theme park vacation.

They’re also a special reminder of your amazing experiences that will bring up happy memories long after the trip has ended.

If you’re looking for matching shirts, lots of shops on Etsy and other sites offering custom creations sell shirts like this. They use high-quality heat transfer vinyl to individualize cotton shirts for their customers.

But, if you’re not into customization, you can often find T-shirts for the family at retailers like Amazon, Walmart or Target. 

For instance, this spring I found some light pink Grogu shirts at Old Navy. This was when “The Book of Boba Fett” was released on Disney+ and my family wore them to Hollywood Studios.

I’m the only girl in my family, and I’m also the biggest Star Wars fan! Dressing all those boys in pink made for a great look in the picture we snapped in front of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Matching family t shirts hang in the gift shop Legoland Florida
The LEGOLAND gift shop in Florida is a great place to find matching family T-shirts (photo by Kirby Russell/

Matching LEGOLAND T-shirt ideas

We just kicked off our summer with an awesome family vacation at LEGOLAND Florida resort. I can report that the matching family T-shirts are present in full force at this kid-friendly amusement park.

Lots of folks seem to have ordered custom shirts ahead of their trip to Winter Haven. In contrast to these handmade pieces, we also saw folks wearing “The LEGO Movie” or “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” shirts.

Most shirts were brightly colored to match the palette of the iconic building bricks. Some families opted to all wear the same hue.

But other groups chose coordinating shirts each in a different color. We saw members of the family of all ages wearing LEGO shirts. We even saw baby onesies that said “Master Builder”.

LEGOLAND seems to have embraced the concept of matching family shirts. When we were there, we found a LEGO family sitting on a bench in the park with matching shirts.

Each member of the family had a different colored shirt with a label like “mom” or “bro”. The shirts also featured a classic yellow LEGO head. Each mini-figure face was customized to reflect the image or personality of the family member.

I love that the Dad wore LEGO cargo shorts and a baseball cap with his sunglasses resting atop the brim. I also loved his goatee, backpack straps and sneakers.

The mom in this family sported a red tank top, capri pants and white sandals. The kids wore sneakers like their LEGO dad. The sister held a hot dog while the brother grasped an ice cream cone.

A Bricktastic Mom logo t shirt at LEGOLAND Florida
You can be a Bricktastic Mom with this T-shirt from LEGOLAND in Florida (photo by Kirby Russell/

Why do people get matching family T-shirts?

Matching shirts can be a great way to show others that your group is celebrating a birthday or if it’s their first time visiting. They can identify the wearer’s role in the family or how they contributed to the vacation (i.e. trip planner or financier).

For example, on a recent trip to EPCOT, we spotted matching bachelorette party shirts. On the back, a Venmo handle invited other guests to send funds to the bride-to-be to support her journey around the World Showcase.

And I’ve also seen kids wearing shirts that identified them as a birthday boy/girl. These kids were surrounded by adults with coordinating shirts that said things like “mom of the birthday boy” or “the birthday boy’s favorite uncle”.

Matching family shirts are fun and they make for great photos. However, I’ve chosen to dress my children alike in shirts for a more practical purpose. It can be challenging to keep track of multiple kids running and playing in a crowded play area or splash pad at a theme park.

Therefore, dressing the whole family alike makes kids easier to spot in these situations. Sometimes other parents have pointed us in the right direction with a helpful “he went that way”. 

Legoland entrance
You can find T-shirts and much more at the Big Shop near the entrance at LEGOLAND (photo by Kirby Russell/

Where can you buy matching shirts at LEGOLAND Florida?

The Big Shop near the park entrance had a large inventory of LEGOLAND shirts.

They come in different colors and said things like “Bricktastic” Mom/Dad/Kid. In addition, the shop offers a wide variety of apparel, including LEGOLAND shirts and hats. They also have tons and tons of LEGO sets available for purchase. These included LEGOLAND exclusive sets.

Smaller shops throughout the park sold apparel themed after specific rides or LEGO properties. Wu’s Warehouse in LEGO Ninjago World sold foam swords and even Ninjago pajamas.

My kids were all about the Ninjago foam swords and LEGO sets, but I love a T-shirt or hat as a souvenir. They can bring back fond memories from the trip each and every time you wear them.

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a legoland exclusive set
LEGOLAND also has exclusive sets for sale (photo by Kirby Russell/

Can you ship T-shirts from the park?

If you go on a shopping spree, you are in luck! The gift shops at LEGOLAND offer free standard shipping within the United States.

One of my favorite themes to see is those that reference snacks on shirts at Disney World. I’m a huge fan of Dole Whips, Citrus Swirls, Carrot Cake Cookies and Mickey Pretzels.

With this in mind, I’m happy to report that LEGOLAND has its own unique sweet treat that you won’t want to miss: Granny’s Apple Fries. This treat was originally available at LEGOLAND California Resort.

Granny Smith apples are cut into spears to look like French fries. Then they’re fried, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a vanilla whipped cream dipping sauce.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort also offers Granny’s Apple Fries topped with vanilla soft-serve ice cream. This cool sweet and tangy treat will help you beat the central Florida heat.

Look for Granny’s Apple fries near the front of the park by the double-decker carousel. It’s close to both Heartlake City and Duplo Valley.

Next time I plan a vacation to LEGOLAND Florida resort, look for me and my family in matching custom-made Granny’s Apple Fries T-shirts.

Has your family sported some matching shirts on your vacation? Let us know in the comments.

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