13 Best Mickey Mouse Diaper Bags From a Mom of 5

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Certainly, not everyone who visits Walt Disney World has a baby or kids in tow. But a lot of families do make the pilgrimage to visit Mickey with their kids, and traveling with kids means traveling with a lot of stuff.

For example, babies and toddlers need bottles, diapers, wipes and spare clothes. Bigger kids need snacks, water, hats and sunscreen. 

For some families, a regular old backpack will do the job. However, other families might want to bring a diaper bag on their Disney vacation. In general, these bags are designed with lots of pockets to help keep everything organized and easily accessible.


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Are diaper bags allowed at Disney?

Yes, diaper bags are absolutely allowed at Disney parks. In fact, the Walt Disney Company has a pretty generous bag policy.

Bags can be up to 24 inches long by 15 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Therefore, even very big diaper bags will typically fall well within these parameters. 

Can you leave a diaper bag in a stroller at Disney World?

We usually leave our diaper bag in the stroller at Disney World. Of course, there’s always a chance that someone could snag it. My philosophy on that is that if someone takes it, they must need it more than me!

Generally, I think people visiting Disney World are focused on having a magical day with their families rather than looting strollers and diaper bags.

Pro tip – if you ever find yourself out of diapers or other baby supplies at a Disney park, you can visit the park’s Baby Center. Each park has a Baby Center with items like diapers, wipes and baby food for sale.

Baby Centers also have quiet rooms, microwaves and changing areas. 

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Does Disney allow non-clear bags?

Yes, Disney allows non-clear bags. Lots of ballparks and concert venues require clear plastic bags as part of their security protocol.

Instead, Disney has cast members search all bags that enter the park. This can make for a slight delay going through security, but it’s in an effort to keep everyone safe in the parks. 

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Disney diaper bags out there:

mickey print bag by disney
(photo courtesy of ShopDisney)

1. ​Mickey Mouse and Friends Method backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom

The classic black and white design of this diaper backpack features classic Disney characters like Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy.

It also includes a foldable changing pad and tons of pockets to help you keep everything organized. It’s currently listed for $169 on the official Disney store.

pixar bag
(photo courtesy of ShopDisney)

2. ​Disney and Pixar Playday backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom​​​

It’s the colorful stylized Pixar characters that bring the fun with this bag! This backpack may be a little pricey, but Petunia Pickle Bottom is known for both style and durability.

Plus, Disney often offers promotions or discounts that may make it more budget-friendly. It’s currently listed for $220 on Disney.

disney backpack with mickey heads
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

3. ​Disney baby boy’s backpack

I love the bright red lining inside this diaper backpack. It also has interior and exterior pockets for everything from bottles and wipes to keys and sunscreen. 

Get it for only $39.99 on Amazon.

winnie the pooh backpack diaper bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

4. ​Disney Winnie the Pooh mini diaper bag ​​​

This adorable diaper bag is perfect for housing your baby’s essentials. As a mom of twins, this diaper bag may not have worked for my family.

However, I could see it used in tandem with a traditional backpack to accommodate the rest of our stuff. It’s only $15.91 on Amazon.

winnie the pooh flap diaper bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

5. ​Disney Winnie The Pooh large garden print diaper bag

Here’s another option for Winnie the Pooh fans who need room for more baby gear. It’s $39.99 on Amazon.

gray mickey backpack print
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

6. ​​​​Petunia Pickle Bottom gray Mickey backpack

This subtle and adorable backpack has a five-piece set which includes the backpack, a packing cube, changing pad, bottle holder and stroller clips.

This makes it easy to attach it to your stroller at the park or even a shopping cart at the grocery store. It’s $159 on Amazon.

winnie the pooh backpack
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

7. ​Disney baby Winnie the Pooh mini backpack

The jar top design on the main compartment of this diaper backpack makes it easy to access items inside.

Additionally, the large exterior pockets are designed to hold baby essentials like bottles, diapers and wipes. It’s currently $42.47 on Amazon.

mermaid pink and blue printed bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

8. ​Rainbow Mermaid diaper bag backpack set

This colorful mermaid backpack is multi-functional! The bag is spacious, yet travels well on a stroller.

It’s currently $35.94 on Amazon.

mickey diaper bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

9. ​Mickey Mouse double-handle backpack

The print design of this backpack brings classic colors to the neutral base tones of black and white.

This option is currently $39.99 on Amazon.

pink minnie tote diaper bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

10. ​Mickey Mouse tote diaper bag and changing pad ​​​

This diaper bag has a classic black, white and light pink color scheme. The main compartment of the tote has a zippered closure, and the bag includes a changing pad, pacifier holder and insulated bottle cooler. 

This bag is only $29.99 on Amazon.

mickey design bag in black and red
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

11. ​Exttlliy large capacity waterproof baby diaper bag

Choose between the Mickey or Minnie design with this diaper backpack. The top handles are designed to clip onto a stroller bar. 

This adorable option is only $25.96 on Amazon.

beauty and beast print backpack
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

12. ​Beauty and The Beast Petunia Pickle Bottom Method backpack

I’m obsessed with the whimsical Beauty and the Beast design of this beautiful diaper bag. Belle is wearing her iconic yellow ball gown with favorite characters like Chip and Mrs. Potts.

The interior print features Chip on a bright coral background. It’s currently discounted to $118.30 on Amazon.

snow white diaper bag
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

13. ​Snow White Petunia Pickle Bottom Method backpack

Snow White fans will love the design of both the interior and exterior prints on this backpack.

The outer design has a black background with a floral design featuring the little princess. The interior print is cream and also features her seven little buddies. 

It’s one of the more expensive options on the list at $117.97 on Amazon.

Do you have a favorite diaper bag for Disney? If so, let us know in the comments!

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