Moana at EPCOT: Here’s What We Know About Journey of Water

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Fans of the intrepid Polynesian voyager Moana can currently spot her character at the Magic Kingdom. But soon, she will have her very own new attraction at EPCOT as well.


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Is there going to be a Moana ride at Disney World?

Walt Disney World has not announced plans for a Moana ride. However, Disney Imagineers are working on a new Moana attraction that is scheduled to open at EPCOT.

The attraction is currently under construction near the front of the park. 

It’s been described as an interactive exploration trail with theming from the beloved animated film. The walkthrough attraction promises to immerse guests in a lush environment with familiar shapes images, and characters from the movie such as Maui and Te Fiti. 

Gardens, interactive fountains and rockwork designed to transport guests to the beautiful South Pacific are expected as well. 

Lead Concept Designer and Disney Imagineer Reid Ekman recently shared new concept art, construction photos and other details about the attraction on the Disney Parks Blog.

His post explains that Walt Disney Imagineering partnered with local artisans and cultural consultants in the development of the attraction. 

The aim of the project is to showcase the balance of the natural world and increase awareness and understanding of the global water cycle. 

Moana Journey of Water EPCOT Construction
An aerial view of the Journey of Water construction shows a preview of Te Fiti and other features (photo shared with permission via @bioreconstruct)

When is Moana coming to EPCOT?

Disney has announced that a new Moana attraction is coming to EPCOT in late 2023. 

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, will be an interactive exploration trail where guests can meander through the area and experience the tropical feel of Moana’s home island of Motunui.

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The epcot ball at night
Journey of Water will be located near Spaceship Earth (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Where will Moana be located in the park?

The new Moana attraction in Orlando will be located within the World Nature area of EPCOT between Spaceship Earth and The Seas with Nemo.

The EPCOT monorail track travels near this area on its trip around Spaceship Earth. 

Remember that the monorail actually enters the park and makes a loop around Spaceship Earth before stopping at the EPCOT monorail station.

This means guests arriving by monorail will have a bird’s eye view of the lush exploration trail. 

Journey of Water EPCOT Rock Construction
The rock wall at Journey of Water can be seen from the monorail at Disney (photo shared with permission via @bioreconstruct)

What else do we know about the Journey of Water attraction?

The new attraction is expected to honor Walt Disney’s original creative vision for EPCOT which is edutainment, or educational entertainment. Many of the park’s original rides and attractions have strong educational elements. 

EPCOT guests of all ages will be able to explore the interactive outdoor trail that will focus on the global cycle of water and the importance of water, waterways and oceans.

This will fit in well with the theming of EPCOT.

For example, the World Showcase was intended to allow visitors a chance to experience different cultures from around the world without traveling further than Orlando, Florida.

Spaceship Earth explores humanity’s history on planet Earth. The Test Track gives guests of all ages an opportunity to engineer their own automobiles and then put their designs to the test. 

The Seas with Nemo is housed inside an enormous aquarium. Cast members are posted in the viewing areas to answer questions about the amazing marine life that call EPCOT home.

Connections Eatery Epcot Entrance
Connections Eatery is another new addition at EPCOT (photo by James Overholt/

What is Moana replacing at EPCOT?

Journey of Water is replacing the Innoventions West building in the front section of the park near Spaceship Earth. This building previously housed some interactive exhibits with corporate sponsors featuring technology such as video game consoles. 

More recently, the building hosted an extension of the EPCOT Character Spot where guests could meet select Disney or Pixar characters. The building has been closed for several years while the front area of EPCOT has undergone a major overhaul. 

These projects have included the new Connections Cafe (EPCOT’s Starbucks in disguise) and Connections Eatery. Another major project that opened in 2022 was the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride. 

Years ago, EPCOT was subdivided into two areas: World Showcase and Future World. World Showcase is the area surrounding the lagoon at the back of the park with the 11 different country pavilions.

However, the front area of the park is no longer known as Future World. It is now separated into three neighborhoods: World Discovery, World Celebration and World Nature. 

As you enter the park from the main entrance, World Celebration is the central hub that includes Spaceship Earth. It also includes the Creations gift shop and Connections Cafe & Eatery.

To the left, you’ll find World Discovery, which includes the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride, Mission: Space and Test Track. 

The World Nature neighborhood is located to the right and includes The Seas with Nemo, The Land Pavilion and the Journey through Imagination with Figment ride. 

EPCOT's Journey Into Imagination
EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination with Figment is not being replaced (photo by James Overholt/

Is Moana replacing Journey Into Imagination with Figment?

There have been rumors that the new Moana attraction is replacing the Figment ride. But not to fear, the beloved purple and orange dragon with a playful personality isn’t going anywhere!

While both attractions will belong to the World Nature neighborhood, they’re situated on opposite sides of the area.

Figment is located on the side of World Nature closest to the World Showcase. The new Moana attraction will be on the side closest to the park entrance.

Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that both attractions have the word “journey” in their names. 

Given the massive popularity of the 2016 film, Disney fans have been asking for a Moana ride or attraction at Walt Disney World.

We’re excited to see and explore this highly anticipated attraction later this year!

Where else can you find Moana at Disney World?

Moana super fans can consider splurging on a stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and stay in one of their Moana-themed rooms. 

This deluxe hotel is on the monorail loop, and both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT accessible by monorail. It opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971 but has been through several updates in the last half-century.

Guests can also see Moana as part of the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade at the Magic Kingdom. This mini parade begins in Frontierland and runs through Liberty Square and Main Street, U.S.A.

Fans of music from Disney’s recent films will certainly be delighted to see other beloved characters like Miguel from “Coco” and Mirabel from “Encanto” in this parade. 

Finally, Fantasmic, the nighttime show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, also offers a Moana sighting.

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As always, check the entertainment schedule in the My Disney Experience app for the most up-to-date information.

Are you looking forward to the new Moana experience? Let us know in the comments!

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