34 Best Things To Do at Disney Springs

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A great Disney vacation could be done without ever setting foot in a theme park. 

For example, you could spend your days at a Disney Resort Hotel like the Caribbean Beach, vibing by the pool and having a drink with a tiny umbrella.

Maybe golf or rent a Disney chartered boat and do a little fishing.

Then, spend your evenings at Disney Springs with a little shopping and live entertainment.

I don’t think I could be that close to the parks and not go in, but maybe one of these years I’ll do a Disney Springs vacation all by itself. With so many things to do, it’s certainly possible.


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Is it free to get into Disney Springs?

It is free to get in, but good luck getting back out without spending a good portion of your vacation budget. 

Is there a lot of walking at Disney Springs?

It depends on how you do it. Disney Springs covers about 120 acres and has about 150 venues – which include shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. 

If you’re going to check out everything? Yeah. It’s a pretty good bit of walking. 

However, if you know what you want, it’s not bad. For instance, on our last trip, we went straight from the parking garages to the World of Disney Store, walked over to Paddlefish for dinner and then strolled over to the LEGO Store and the rest of the east side.

If you want to avoid walking, it’s best to have a plan.

What attractions are at Disney Springs?

It’s mostly shopping, live music, entertainment and dining. 

Among other things, Disney Springs is a first-rate entertainment complex. Let’s list some of the best things to do while visiting Disney Springs:

amphicar at dinsey springs
Amphicar takes guests on a 20-minute guided tour of Lake Buena Vista (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

1. Vintage Amphicar & Italian Water Taxi Tours

For $125 per car, you can take a 20-minute guided tour – driven by your captain – on the waters of Lake Buena Vista while riding in a vintage Amphicar.

The Amphicar is a rare amphibious vehicle that can drive on land and float on water.

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Aerophile Hot Air Balloon Disney Springs
The Aerophile balloon at Disney Springs is tethered but takes guests up 40 feet in the air (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

2. Aerophile tethered helium balloon

This is a ride that takes you up 40 feet over Disney Springs.

3. Kiddie rides

If you’re looking for something that’s along the speed of your little ones, there’s also Marketplace Carousel and the Marketplace Train Express for kids. 

While it’s not a ride, Disney Springs also has a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where the little princesses in your life can come and get a Disney-style makeover without going into the Magic Kingdom. This shop remains temporarily unavailable but could return at some point. 

AMC Theater Disney Springs Orlando

4. Go see a movie

While AMC is not necessarily unique to Disney Springs, it is a nice theater (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

bowling lanes at Disney Springs
You can go bowling and grab a snack and drink at Splitsville (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

5. Go bowling

Splitsville Luxury Lanes is a great little bowling alley. They also offer drinks and snacks.

cirque de solei at disney springs
Drawn to Life is a Cirque Du Soleil show feature popular Disney Characters at Disney Springs (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

6. See a show

Disney has partnered with the Canadian Avant-garde circus act Cirque Du Soleil by presenting Drawn to Life – a magical show that brings Disney characters from animation to life in a live stage show. 

And in addition to concerts at several outdoor music venues, you have live music at the House of Blues, Stargazers Live Entertainment, The Edison Live Entertainment and Paradiso 37 Entertainment.

Does Disney Springs have good shopping? 

I don’t want to oversell it, but Disney Springs has great shopping in various categories. Let’s start with merchandise stores:

Once Upon a Toy Disney Springs
Once Upon a Toy is a great place for game-loving guests (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

7. Once Upon a Toy

It’s a whimsical shop featuring hard-to-find collectibles, board games, puzzles, plush and more. 

pins and lanyards
Jump start your child’s pin collection at Pin Traders and watch them trade their pins at special free pin trading kiosks throughout the Disney Parks. They may even want to trade with other kids! (photo by Kirby Russell/HeyOrlando.com)

8. Disney Pin Traders 

Here you can remember your favorite Disney characters, attractions, parks or shows with pins that capture each magical moment. 

It’s perfect for those already in the pin trading hobby or looking to get started. 

9. Disney’s Days of Christmas

This Christmas store is your year-round shop for Disney Christmas ornaments, decorations and more. Also, the air conditioning in this shop on the east side is EXCEPTIONAL.

Disney Springs Star Wars Galactic Outpost Store Exterior
Star Wars Galactic Outpost is one of several places in Disney Springs to get Star Wars merchandise (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

10. Star Wars Trading Post & Star Wars Galactic Outpost

Yes, Disney Springs has two Star Wars-related stores in addition to Star Wars sections in World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy.

Disney Springs is the place to go for fans who want Star Wars merch without getting tickets for Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. 

disney store
World of Disney is the largest of its kind in the world (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

11. World of Disney

The largest Disney store in the world has toys, clothes, candy and treats plus all manner of souvenirs, Disney merchandise and more.

Disney Springs Coco Cola Store Merchandise
Coca-Cola at Disney Springs is modeled after a 1920s bottling plant and has unique brand merchandise (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

12. Coca-Cola Store

Modeled after a 1920s bottling plant, Coca-Cola Store Orlando located in the Town Center offers unique branded merchandise from the world’s most iconic beverage brand, including apparel, accessories, home goods, souvenirs, gifts and more.

In addition, guests can meet and snap pics with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear on the second level or head to the rooftop beverage bar for an array of refreshing beverages while enjoying panoramic views of Disney Springs.

M&M Wall With Tubes Filled With Various Colors and Varieties  of the Candy Inside M&Ms Store Disney Springs
In addition to merch, guests can choose from a wide variety of M&M’s as well (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

13. M&M’s Store

Located on Disney Spring’s west side, the M&M’s store offers its signature chocolate wall, photo ops with loveable, life-size characters and plenty of sweet M&M’s moments to discover.

Certainly, it’s a great place to get a unique gift, including custom M&M’s. 

Also, you can keep your purchases at the store until you’re ready to leave so they won’t melt in the Florida heat. 

Lego Store Disney Springs With a Large Lego Dragon Out Front
The LEGO Store has great merch and also some fantastic LEGO builds (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

14. The LEGO Store

Check out the cool LEGO builds or get the sets you need to build your wildest Disney dreams. You can also build your very own Minifigure. 

Goofy's Candy Co Exterior Disney Springs
Goofy’s candy store has a lot of sweet treats (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

15. Goofy’s Candy Company

This is a fun place to go if you’re looking for fudge, gourmet cotton candy and more. 

peanut butter cookie
Be sure to sample the Candy Cauldron cookie selection. Pictured: A Peanut Butter Cookie (photo by Kirby Russell/HeyOrlando.com)

16. Disney’s Candy Cauldron

It’s sweet treats and a show. You can see how the treats are made – from cake pops, cookies and cupcakes to candies of every color, shape and size.

The shop also stocks flavored popcorn and intricately decorated Disney candy apples. 

The Ganachery Storefront Disney Springs
Indulge in some custom-blended dark or milk chocolate ganache at this specialty shop (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

17. The Ganachery

This specialty shop is known for its custom-blended dark and milk chocolate ganache.

There’s also a fine selection of other treats to indulge in or pick up as delicious gifts. 

You might be asking about Gideon’s Bakehouse here, but I decided to include that among the restaurants.

Disney's Springs Harley-Davidson Store
Get your Harley-Davidson merch at the store in Disney Springs (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

18. Orlando Harley-Davidson

Several of the shops here at Disney Springs have no discernable connection to Disney other than this is a place where people come who have money and people who have money might like to buy Harley Davidson merch. 

19. Luxury of Time by Diamonds International

Did you come to Disney to select from an impeccable collection of the world’s most coveted designer watches and fine jewelry?

Here’s your spot. 

a corkcicle stainless steel thermos
These stainless steel thermoses and stemless wine glasses are insanely popular due to their ability to keep beverages hot or cold for hours (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

20. Corkcicle at Disney Springs

This purveyor of tumblers and coolers with high-performance insulation, functionality and gorgeous colors that elevate every sip of your drink is included here for the sole reason that I misread this shop’s name and am briefly bewildered every time I see it only to forget that it exists and then be bewildered all over again the next time. 

But, it’s a popular shop if you like the Corkcicle brand.

21. Levi’s

When I think of a Central Florida vacation, I think of jeans. 

Does Disney Springs have good dining?

The dining at Disney Springs ranges from tourist trap cafes like the dinosaur-themed T-Rex or jungle-themed Rainforest Cafe to insanely good fine dining experiences to excellent niche sweet shops and fantastic food trucks. 

Here are some of the best places to eat:

Local Green Orlando Food Truck Disney Springs
Enjoy some healthy food from the Local Green Good Truck in Disney Springs (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

22. Local Green Orlando Food Truck 

Style: Quick service

Enjoy a healthy alternative to fast food at Local Green Orlando Food Truck, featuring delicious American dishes made with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

The mostly plant-based menu includes dishes that are inspired by some of the South’s top musical acts. 

pepe in disney springs
Flavorful comfort food can be found at Pepe by Chef José Andrés (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

23. Pepe by José Andrés

Style: Quick service

Award-winning celebrity Chef José Andrés beckons you with a menu of flavorful comfort food that celebrates the authentic tastes of his native country. 

4 Rivers Cantina Food Truck Disney Springs
Here you will find delicious signature dishes (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

24. 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food Truck

Style: Quick service

Does your town have a Barbacoa food truck? If not, get to this place right now. 

Brought to you by the folks behind the award-winning, Florida-based 4 Rivers Smokehouse, this fresh concept features flavor-forward street food gleaned from the founder’s culinary adventures, including beef birria dishes.

You’ll find signature dishes made with 4 Rivers meats like tender brisket and delicious pulled pork, but classically prepared using traditional “barbacoa” techniques – barbecue-style cooking methods that originated in the Caribbean and were perfected in Mexico. 

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Bar Disney Springs
Raglan Road offers a weekend brunch with some classic Irish food (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

25. Raglan Road Irish Pub

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

Aim for the weekend brunch at this classic taste of the Emerald Isle. 

Paddlefish at Disney Springs at Night
Paddlefish has an excellent menu including a daily catch and also filet mignon (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

26. Paddlefish

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

This is a family tradition. We love Paddlefish and its excellent menu designed by executive chef Steve Richard. The seafood menu features a daily catch, seafood boils, king crab, scallops and even filet mignon.

The stuffed lobster is my wife Leslie’s favorite. I’m a sucker for the crab cake app, a cup of chowder and the scallops – served with cauliflower puree, haricots verts (green beans) and a honey saffron vinaigrette.

Disney Springs Morimoto Asia at Night
This Pan-Asian restaurant has fabulous food (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

27. Morimoto Asia 

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

Japanese master chef Masaharu Morimoto gives his take on Pan-Asian cuisine. It’s wonderful. 

lobster roll from the boathouse
The Boathouse lobster rolls are some of the best we’ve eaten (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

28. Boathouse

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

I’m no marketer but I’m not sure the folks at the Boathouse are doing themselves any favors by declaring extra-fresh fish. Extra fresh? Look, it’s exceptionally prepared fish. Was it swimming yesterday? Who knows?

That said, they also have an out-of-this-world raw bar, steak, chops, pasta and other options. It’s fantastic. 

Wine Bar George at Disney Springs
With wine, steak and small plates, it is hard to go wrong at Wine Bar George (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

29. Wine Bar George

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

Select from 140 wines by bottle or glass and dine with small plates like hummus, meatballs or pork belly.

Or you can order family-style dishes like skirt steak or sea bass that will feed two to four diners. 

Chef Art Smith's Homecoming' Disney Springs
Homecomin’ satisfies the comfort food craving (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

30. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Style: Table service (reservations recommended)

This restaurant features Southern comfort food favorites from award-winning celebrity chef Art Smith. The fried green tomatoes are done right.

They also feature fried chicken, barbecued pork chop, shrimp and grits.

These Southern classics are elevated to the perfect combination of fine dining and down-home eating. 

Cannoli Gelato
Vivoli il Gelato offers 20 types of gelato and sorbetto. Pictured: A cup of Cannoli Gelato (photo by Kirby Russell/HeyOrlando.com)

31. Vivoli il Gelato

Style: Dessert

Is there anything better on a warm night than a great gelato?

everglazed donuts
Everglazed features donuts with decadent toppings (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

32. Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Style: Dessert

Here you can enjoy a warm, handmade donut and a refreshing cold brewed coffee in a classic donut shop where “Happiness is Glazed Daily!”

strawberries and crepe treat in window at disney springs
A strawberry crepe from Amorette’s Patisserie (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

33. Amorette’s Patisserie 

Style: Dessert

Amorette means “little love” in French but to me, there’s a whole lotta love in the work of this confectionery, from showstopping cakes to savory crêpes. 

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Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs
Gideon’s Bakehouse is best known for its “almost” half-pound cookie (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

34. Gideon’s Bakehouse

Style: Dessert

Orlando’s very own Gideon’s Bakehouse is best known for its ingredient-rich, from-scratch “almost half-pound” cookies that take over 24 hours to create.

Prepare to experience flavors ranging from their celebrated Original Chocolate Chip to the delicious Pistachio Toffee.

exterior of saratoga springs at disney
Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is close to Disney Springs (photo by Morgan Overholt/HeyOrlando.com)

What Disney resorts are near Disney Springs?

If you’re looking to stay close to the action in a Walt Disney World Resort, Saratoga Springs and Old Key West resorts are close to Disney Springs in addition to a handful of affiliate hotels that are not Disney operated but enjoy some Disney-related perks. 

Is Disney Springs the same thing as Downtown Disney?

Disney Springs is Downtown Disney 2.0, the upgraded version. Disney Springs is now a cosplay town, pretending to be a real berg that sprung up around the fictional Disney Springs. 

Can you do Disney Springs in one day?

It depends on how much you want to do and see. You can get a good feel for what Disney Springs offers in one day.

But if you want to try everything Disney Springs offers, you’ll have to come back several times for the different shops, restaurants, kiosks and treat stands. 

Heck, just sampling the various entertainment venues can be a lot. 

What are your favorite things to do and eat at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments.

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