Train to Orlando: Can You Take a Train to Orlando Florida?

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There’s a railroad track that runs behind my office. In fact, it is probably 75 yards away from my desk.

It’s a dual-track where one train can park to let the other pass. 

Sometimes when I leave the office in an especially pensive mood, I think about the romance and freedom of life when trains were the country’s best form of transportation. And people who were down on their luck rode the rails in an effort to start a new life. 

Then, I think about what being down on my luck actually means and I snap out of it. 

Those trains outside my office are just freight trains. Trains that you can actually ride – passenger trains – are still a rather rare commodity, for the most part, in the United States.

I wish rail services were more readily available. It seems a much better option than driving or flying.

The times I’ve been in other parts of the country where they have train service – like in Orlando – I’ve found it immensely enjoyable. 

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Travel time on Amtrak from Miami to Orlando currently runs between 5-7 hours (photo by Country Gate Prod/

Is there a train from Miami to Orlando?

The Amtrak Train (5-7 hours)

Yes, there is a train that runs from Miami to Orlando, but it’s slow.

Currently, if you get the traffic breaks, you can drive from Miami to Orlando in about three and a half hours by car.

The same trip – by train – today runs almost 7 hours* and costs about $70 and more round trip. That Amtrak train runs twice daily. Prices are subject to change.

*Editor’s Note: The Amtrak website states the trip takes 5 hours “without delays.” 

The Brightline Speed Train will be able to transport passengers from Miami to Orlando in about three hours (photo by Jillian Cain/

The Brightline Speed Train (3 hours – 2023)

However, my friends, there is a game-changer in the works.  

Construction is ongoing on the Brightline Orlando Station at the Orlando Airport with a train that travels up to 125 miles an hour. Slower than Japanese Bullet trains which go about 200 miles an hour, but a significant upgrade over the service currently available. 

This high-speed rail will cut travel time to and from Miami by more than half, coming in right at three hours. 

According to the Brightline website, there are plans for stops at the Orlando International Airport, West to Tampa and down to South Florida locals like Aventura, Boca Raton and cruise Port Miami. 

It will not go to Disney Springs as originally planned. However, they may be a stop nearby the originally planned site.

Currently, Brightline offers Premium and Smart classes.

I’m honestly perplexed by the branding choices. Premium means first-class amenities, which makes sense but also if the other class is Smart, which is billed as a comfortable business-class option doesn’t that make Premium – in comparison – something other than Smart?

Smart train tickets from Miami to Orlando and the theme parks are expected to cost about $100 per person.

The trains are fully ADA accessible and able to accommodate wheelchairs with ease. They offer bike racks and carry-on storage as well as the opportunity to check your luggage.

They also offer free, high-speed wifi which makes sense. No one wants low-speed wifi on a high-speed train. 

I’m also very excited to tell you about the State-of-the-Art restrooms which are spacious and provide an innovative hands-free touch. I assume they mean hands-free as far as the pre and post-necessities are concerned. There are several parts of the restroom process I prefer to remain hands-on. There is such a thing, after all, as too much innovation. 

The Brightline currently has stations in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

The website also notes that the trains:

  • Have a 100 percent carbon neutral footprint.
  • Were recognized as Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020 – No word on if it was for the restrooms.
  • Have served 2 million passengers since its inception. I think they mean since the train started running, not since the Leo Dicaprio movie was released. But, honestly, it could go either way. 
  • Offer Metrorail, Metromover and Tri-rail access
The Miami brightline station
MiamiCentral station in Brickell (photo by Felix Mizioznikov/

When will the speed train from Miami to Orlando be ready?

At the time of this writing, Brightline Orlando to Miami is set to be completed in 2023.

It’s not necessarily germane to the entire process, but the Brightline website also offers the following paragraph which shall ascend to the heavenly host where it will join the rotation of hymns, prayers, psalms and hosannas that ring through eternity. 

“More than train service, Brightline is part of a real estate vision to reenergize static neighborhoods with transportation hubs including modern stations, 40,000 sq ft food hall and 27+ acres of office, retail, residential and commercial space. Brightline’s new South Terminal at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a part of the company’s Phase 2 expansion into Central Florida including a Tampa extension.”

“The massive infrastructure project is making progress and encompasses four zones including the area of the Orlando International Airport and the Brightline Vehicle Maintenance Facility. This monumental endeavor, which will use 225 million pounds of American steel, will include the laying of 490,000 ties and transporting 2.35 million tons of granite and limestone by 20,000 railcars. Additionally, approximately 2 million spikes and bolts will be hammered and put in place over the next 36 months.”

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Can you take a train to Orlando, Florida from anywhere in North America?

But John, you might ask, I don’t live in Miami. Can I still take a train to Orlando? 

You can. Will you want to? I think it depends on where you live. 

“Two Amtrak routes stop at the Orlando Amtrak Station, the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star. Both are long-distance routes that travel between New York City and Miami, so you can board a train to Orlando in many cities along the East Coast as well as in Tampa. If your starting location is not on the East Coast, you’ll need to take more than one train to reach Orlando.”

The website can’t keep from mentioning that trip times for Amtrak trains from Miami and Jacksonville are “only” slightly longer than driving. Which are an hour from Miami and 45 minutes from Jacksonville. 

I don’t think that’s the selling point they think it is. They should hire the Brightline PR team to gussy that up a little. 

Are you making travel plans for an upcoming trip to Orlando? Are you looking forward to the new train?

Would you prefer a train ride from Miami to Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando versus driving? Let us know in the comments.

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