Do You Need a Child To Go to LEGOLAND Florida? Is There an Age Limit?

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It’s a popular question. Do you need a child to go to LEGOLAND? No, you do not need a child to go to LEGOLAND in Florida. LEGO fans of all ages can enter this theme park in Winter Haven (outside Orlando). However, there may be other LEGOLAND attractions in which you do need a child to enter, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Still, it’s important to note that the Florida theme park has been designed with attractions geared toward children ages 3-12. Therefore, it may not have tremendous appeal to the general population of adults. But it is the perfect place for a family-friendly vacation in central Florida. LEGOLAND Florida Resort is fun for the whole family. It’s a smaller park and can be more affordable than Universal Studios or Disney World. It doesn’t typically feel as crowded as larger theme parks, either. The wait times for even the most popular rides range from nonexistent to very manageable.

The park is organized into differently themed areas. LEGO Movie World has a taco stand and play structure, plus three fun rides. Fans of LEGO Friends will love visiting Heartlake City. Guests of all ages can climb aboard the double-decker carousel or enjoy a treat at Granny’s Apple Fries. Older children can try out Mia’s Riding Adventure. The Kingdom area is home to the Dragon Coaster, Royal Joust and Merlin’s Challenge. Miniland, U.S.A. showcases models of iconic architecture from cities across the country. There’s even a LEGOLAND water park section. Master builders of all ages will love playing with floating LEGO bricks in the wave pool. The lazy river is a great place for the whole family to take it easy.

The LEGOLAND Hotel in Orlando, Florida
The LEGOLAND Hotel’s close proximity is handy for afternoon naps (photo by Kirby Russell/

The LEGOLAND Florida Resort

One of the best things about the LEGOLAND Florida Resort is the LEGOLAND Hotel. In fact, it’s steps away from the park entrance. Families with little kids have the option to easily return to their hotel room for a mid-day nap if that works best for them. Each of the themed rooms has a separate kid’s sleeping area with twin over twin bunk beds plus a trundle that pulls out to accommodate a third child.

The kid’s area has a TV and narrow shelving for storing and assembling LEGO sets. Parents can enjoy a king-sized bed on the opposite side of the room as well as their own flat-screen TV. Upon check-in, kids will find clues and instructions for in-room scavenger hunts. This will keep them occupied while mom and dad unpack. The hunt leads them to a safe in the kid’s sleeping area that has a small LEGO surprise for them. Each day, the surprise is replaced when the cleaning crew comes to refresh the room. The hotel lobby has multiple play areas and kid-friendly restaurants and features nightly entertainment options. These include trivia, master builder workshops and pajama dance parties.

Compared to Disney and Universal, LEGOLAND tickets are more affordable even at full price. Check the LEGOLAND website for special offers. They usually offer a book-in-advance promotion when you book a hotel and ticket package at least 90 days in advance.

The Dragon Coaster at Legoland in Florida
LEGOLAND may be more suited for the younger ones such as these two on the Dragon Coaster (photo by Kirby Russell/

Is LEGOLAND also for adults?

LEGOLAND is a theme park designed for kids and families, so only I would only recommend this amusement park for adults who really really love LEGOs. Additionally, adults with an interest in the history of theme parks might also enjoy visiting LEGOLAND Florida. LEGOLAND Florida is a relatively new theme park. It opened in 2011, however, the site originally opened as Cypress Gardens in 1936. This botanical garden was one of the earliest and most successful amusement parks in the United States. It was the first one in central Florida, opening decades before Walt Disney World.

However, once the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, Cypress Gardens really struggled to remain competitive. Between 1980 and 2010, it changed ownership and was rebranded multiple times. Merlin Entertainments finally purchased the park and it opened as the world’s 5th LEGOLAND Park in 2011. Parts of the original Cypress Gardens remain. There’s a pirate-themed water skiing show that’s pretty cool. You can also take a stroll through the original botanical gardens, which have been preserved.

A parent rides with a child on the AQUAZONE Wave Racer
A parent can accompany a child on some rides at LEGOLAND (photo by Kirby Russell/

Can adults ride the rides at LEGOLAND Florida?

Adults can ride many rides at LEGOLAND Florida. However, there are several rides that can only accommodate children under a specified age. For example, Royal Joust is a medieval-themed horse ride for kids ages 4-12. There’s a minimum height requirement of 36 inches and a maximum weight limit of 170 pounds. As a parent, I love rides like this because they give my kids an opportunity to experience a ride without an adult present. My older kids are responsible enough to wait in a short line independently and interact with Model Citizens (LEGOLAND staff members) on their own. There are plenty of shady spots nearby for their dad and me to sit down and keep an eye on them.

There are also some rides like Safari Trek which can only accommodate one adult per ride vehicle. So if you’re planning a trip without kids, members of your party will be asked to ride separately. Similarly, Ford Driving School and Ford Jr. Driving School give kiddos a chance to drive a LEGO car around a closed course. The junior version is for preschool-aged children (3-5). The older kid version is for ages 6-13 and has a larger course with traffic signals and stop signs. My big kids love Ford Driving School. I love sipping an iced coffee while they wait their turn and drive their cars on repeat.

LEGOLAND also has many rides that kids and adults can enjoy together. There are four junior-style roller coasters with modest height requirements. The Dragon is a steel coaster that has indoor and outdoor elements. Kids must be 40 inches tall to ride The Dragon. Kids who are at least 42 inches tall can ride Coastersaurus and The Great LEGO Race. Flying School is an inverted steel roller coaster with a 44-inch height requirement.

Entrance to the Great Lego Race
Start the engines on the Great LEGO Race (photo by Kirby Russell/

Does LEGOLAND have an age limit?

LEGOLAND does not have an age limit, although children under age 3 will be admitted for free. Most of the LEGOLAND rides are designed for an older age group, but toddlers will love visiting the Duplo Valley section of the park. There are several indoor and outdoor play areas for younger kids. There are also a couple of rides without height requirements that the whole family can enjoy. My twin one-year-olds especially loved the Duplo Train and Tractor rides this summer.

Have you visited LEGOLAND? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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